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Saturday, July 18, 2015


 The theme for the week was 'Immigration' and its impact on the nation!  There was also much 'movement of people' across the UM porch as we celebrated the 127th Annual Meeting with the vibrant presence of our chaplain Darrell Greenawalt:

Retiring Board members Dave Shuff and Don Weaver
with Pres. Brenda Baird

Chaplain Darrell Greenawalt
Sharon and Darrell

Our guests for the week:
Richmond roommates

Dear friends

Polite partners

The Northwestern Wildcats

The Floridians

The week activities:

Lebanon Valley Flying Dutchwoman

Marshall Herder

Troubadour Bill Ward

The Park people

The Westbury wagon

Bruce the brute

NOTE:  A special thank you goes out to Dave Shuff  and his wife Cindy for their unending interest in the House.  As hosts we see the wonderful results of their work which in turn makes our work a breeze.