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Saturday, July 21, 2012


The packed amphitheater sits in quiet anticipation as the lecturer's power point presentation fails to work.  From the UM House porch flys the UM House chaplain and computer techie, Phil Phaneuf, to the rescue.  A sigh of relief and appreciative applause from the overflow crowd and the lecture of University of Maryland, Baltimore County, President Freeman Hbrabrosky  continued. (watch video)

Yes, our House was the scene of many discussions on the effects of social media on institutionalized religion thanks to Rev. Phil and his wife Megan.

As a result, we have a new Facebook page, "United Methodist House - Chautauqua Institution."  Check it out and 'like' us,  comment on our status or communicate with fellow House visitors.

Meet our guests for the week:
Kathleen & John Pearson

Janice Green & Martha Voll

Nancy & John Peterson

David & Kathy Keller

Alyce Martin, Evangeline Grim & Ann Surrette
Other events during the week:
Williamsville, NY tea group

Doug & Celia's 40th Anniversary with daughters Tessa & Megan
All girls brass quartet

Karen's new toy
John Pearson on WiFi
What a perfect portrait of Week #4 at the UM House.