"A year round center for retreats and renewal at Chautauqua Institution offering a positive radiant expression of United Methodist Christianity. Providing for spiritual refreshment, quiet renewal, friendship and fellowship!"

Saturday, July 4, 2015


What a wonderful optimistic title for the first UM House Summer Session.  Our chaplain, Colleen Preuninger of Syracuse University (chaplain), challenged us all to be leaders in changing the Church.  Engaging, intellectual and willing to face the tough questions in the Church today, our future is in good hands with leaders like Colleen.

Husband Nick and son Henry (personal friend of Mr. Bob)
Visitors to the House this past week:
New clergy man
Charlie Rose afficiandos

Always a smile
Shuffling off to.........
Nashville groupie

Activities throughout the week:
Ring around the chapel
Always the Wards

A chat on the porch

Getting down to business

The ladies of Edinboro 

A personally signed copy of her book
And of course Charlie

When all is done the place needs to be straightened up: