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Saturday, July 11, 2015


The UM House had a double dose of Southern hospitality this past week.  The presence of retired West Virginia Bishop William Grove always provides a sense of calm, peace and reflection for all the guests and those that wander onto our porch.  In addition Paul Womack (retired pastor of Hurlbut UM Church) came 'home' as our chaplain.  His Southern sartorial personna and inquisitive mind provided a wonderful combination with the Bishop.  Discussions were both light and intense and lasted late into the night (flaunting the early to bed mantra of Chautauqua).  

Paul and Natalie


Bishop Grove and Mary Lou
Others visiting the House last week:

We are fam-il-ee!

Neighbors to the North

The Garden State
The best of Boston

Tireless workers for the House

What took place last week:

A Chautauqua 4th

Well fed group

A  singing Doug
Cold day in .......

Our welcoming duo

Girls from Elma

Intense, intense.....and late
Note:  Special thanks to John & Dave for their help on the porch and at
           Hurlbut and the endless jobs Lee did for us this week.  
           Also, thanks Paul for returning home to the UM House, your presence was noted and appreciated.

On a clear day you can see forever..........