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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


     The second pre-season work weekend is now history and our wonderful volunteers have prepared the House for the 125th Anniversary Season.  Under the leadership of property committee chair, Chuck Bolan, everything from cleaning curtains to preparing new colorful gardens is complete.

Avion's  family's annual contribution
Dick digging in dungarees

Paula prunes

Lee the 'high pressure' cleaner
Laura rocks

The arrow points to Carol's efforts
Elaine & Lee pause for refreshments
Amy at work

 Reminiscing with Dave & Nancy
     We paused during the afternoon work session to attend Wayne Furman's Memorial Service at Hurlbut UM Church.  Wayne was a Chautauquan Fireman, Head Carpenter for the Institution and UM House Board Member.
A final ride for Wayne
    The scene is set; let the season begin.  Join us on the porch!