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Saturday, July 30, 2011

"I am Woman, Hear Me Roar!"

      '21st Century Women' was the theme for the week and a plethora of outstanding females graced Chautauqua and the UM House; Barbara Lindblad, Joan Chittister, Farhana Qazi, Barbara Brazile, Magdalena Ondicova and Alison Krauss to name a few.
Barbara Brazile

Farhana Qazi looks at women in war

Barbara Lindblad,  Chaplain of the week

Joan Brown Campbell at the ecumenical service

    At the UM House the refreshingly dynamic pastor Paul Taylor and his wife, Loretta, inspired us with their presence.

Methodist delegation 
     Take a look at what went on this past week:
Saturday night special

The Denominational Houses' Ice Cream Reception for the youth dancers and orchestra
Cuban tea ladies
Alexandra and Bailey

Little Joshua and Mario
Joshua's cousins

          The week ended with a great female singer and composer,  Alison Krauss at the amphitheater.

      I would like to add two women to those already mentioned who have shaped and molded my life; my wife, Karen, who's birthday is this week and my mother, Esther, who passed on this past February.  Thank you!
     Women do and can make a difference in this 21st Century!