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Friday, August 22, 2014

"LET US ENTERTAIN YOU," from the Broadway play GYPSY, WAS THE THEME OF THE WEEK AT THE AMPHITHEATER.  Livingston Taylor, Tom Chapin, the Symphony, a Beatles Tribute and The Electric Light Orchestra brought the 2014 Season to a successful close.

AND AT THE UM HOUSE the wonderful, vibrant Sara Baron was our final chaplain of the season.  Her bold discussion of 'religion, sexuality and the 21st Century' added to the daily intellectual topics that are heard on our porch.

Macedonia? ........ Ohio!
The Wilcox of Williamsville
Rosy Rosemarie
Sisters of the Lake

and their husbands

Long time friends of the UM House
The week in review:
Tim's tunes
The 'ice bucket' challenge
He can read!
'Tea' from Corey
Another Summer Season comes to a conclusion and with that understanding we say goodbye to our friends at Chautauqua and the United Methodist House.  It has been a wonderful Season and we look forward to seeing everyone on our porch in 2015.  Have a peaceful Winter!
                           Bob & Karen