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Saturday, August 4, 2012


        E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Blog....Yes this is the language of the Digital Age and the topic for Chautauqua this past week!  The lectures dealt with the advances, problems and advantages of social media today.
David Folkenflik of NPR

Vivian Schiller, NBC
   Meanwhile on our Porch the conversation dealt with problems within the mainline churches that possibly might be solved using social media.  Our chaplain David Morse led us throughout the week seeking answers to such perplexing queries.

Dave & Penny 

     Our guests for Week Six:
Bob & Mary

Joan & Helen
Bill & Audrey

Al & Joyce

Anne Marie & Duane

     Other activities at the House:
Relaxing with a 'tea.'
The fountain of youth
UM House groupies from Columbus
Warren women
     Chautauqua and the UM House is a veritable utopia.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


We at the United Methodist House experienced a week of reunion with family and Chautauqua friends.  The conversation was one of family experiences, Chautauqua stories and Pakistan revisited. 
 Douds/Kelly kids

Saturday meal
Austin instructs Sam on viola
The Connection picnic
The Great American Picnic
Our House was under the guidance of the Rev. Jan Rowell, who led us through an appreciation of service to others as well as personal religious reflection and the sacrament of communion.
Dave & Jan Rowell

Our guests this week were:
Karen & Dick Heitzenrater
Fran & Bob Williams
Bruce & Mary Keary, Carol Parks & Susan Urban
Sam, Lori, Ben & Nick Kelly
John & Nancy Peterson with Connie Wilson
Other activities Week 5:

Performances by Nick, Ben & Sam
Nick learns to ride a bike
Professor/magician Heitzenrater & student Kelly

The Tea by the Lawrence Park ladies

Goodnight from the United Methodist House in Chautauqua.