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Sunday, June 2, 2013


     The volunteers arrived and the annual Spring cleanup began on the United Methodist House.  The photos to follow will document the wonderful efforts of our volunteer work force:

 The Saturday morning work day began with food and instructions from our loyal leader Chuck Bolan (top right - head of property committee).
A Clean Kitchen (Cindy)

Room readiness (Chuck & Jerry)

Preparing the perimeter (Tom & Jerry)

Porch pillar cleaner, Aaron

Decisions, decisions . . . (Chuck & Jerry)

Furniture fun (Roger & Debbie)

Attacking chapel with a 'shop vac' (Barbara)

The remains of a 1888 tree.

New siding on all sides.

     New Bibles were placed in each room .... a  gift from Mrs. Connie Wilson in memory of her husband Tom, a visitor to the House for many years.

     It takes a lot of work to keep a house this old in livable condition and this group of workers are just a few in a long history of UM House supporters.  Hats off to all!