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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Week of Celebration!

     Kool and the Gang made the term "Celebration" a phrase and song future generations could relate.  The expression took on added meaning this week at the UM House.  Our past President Robert Richard's family and friends celebrated his granddaughter's baptism in the chapel on Sunday.  This was closely followed by the annual Baldwin-Wallace College reception and fine arts presentation.  But the most momentous celebration came when the Sec. General of the Board of Discipleship of the Methodist Church arrived from Nashville, Tennessee to lead us in discussion and fellowship for the week as our chaplain.  Rev. Karen Greenwaldt proved to be a fresh warm addition to our 'porch' and her husband Russell Harris, a potter by trade, complemented that hospitality.
Baby Tatum baptized with water from the River Jordan.
Mom Stephanie and Tatum
 The Yellow Jackets
Russell and Karen

Chautauquan Gothic
Other 'celebrations' during the week:
Visit from son Ryan and his wife Jill
Professional singer, Stephanie Arbuckle
Final concert and celebration for Youth Symphony
Salman Rushdi
The ladies of Park UMC, Northeast, Pa.
Celebration, Celebration, Celebration!
We were an attraction to the Venerable Bhikku Bodhi.
Arrival of the new 'Volt'
Gretchen Wilson