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Saturday, July 6, 2013


          Chaplain Ted Anderson displayed a wide variety of talents during his leadership of the UM House this past week.  As a former pastor at Hurlbut UM for 19 years, this week was a homecoming experience and the UM House was the beneficiary.

porch presence
Ted & wife Mary
     Our guests this week were:
Mathematical Mark
A Calendar Couple
By way of New Jersey
The hustling Hutchisons

From across the Lake....
The week's activities were:
The Saturday evening meal
Mary and her Nicaragua connection
Tea from Union City
Bestor Plaza on the 4th

Our own porch party
Music from the veranda overlooking Pratt Street
     A busy holiday week and a very satisfying one, plus a bonus:
Graham & David, our Connection Music Students
     125th Anniversary Archives:
The old chapel

The present one