"A year round center for retreats and renewal at Chautauqua Institution offering a positive radiant expression of United Methodist Christianity. Providing for spiritual refreshment, quiet renewal, friendship and fellowship!"

Sunday, June 29, 2014

     WELCOME TO THE UNITED METHODIST HOUSE CARMEN, NICK AND NATHAN:  The new minister for Hurlbut as well as the first chaplains of the '14 Season at the UM House.

    A certain vitality is brought to the House when young families enter:

     Along with our chaplains the week saw the House filled with old friends:

Buffalo friends

The Bostonians

Star educators

Lovely couple

Almost heaven

     The week was filled with many activities:

Abba returns
The Ward troubadors
Nathan on the run
Bob Dylan?

3 Taps Party

Bill's telescope

Knitting for Peace

The ladies of Hurlbut
Our roving videographer
Roger Rosenblatt and Jules Feiffer

     We will miss you and your Southern persona but mostly we will miss your joyful presence on our porch.  Thank you Paul for those moments.