"A year round center for retreats and renewal at Chautauqua Institution offering a positive radiant expression of United Methodist Christianity. Providing for spiritual refreshment, quiet renewal, friendship and fellowship!"

Saturday, August 24, 2013


     Dr. Albert Aymer was the perfect individual/chaplain to end our 125th Anniversary Season.  His warm and welcoming personality made our porch 'home' to many individuals including our guests. He frequently beckoned pedestrians onto the porch to 'chat' awhile.  This attitude was a replica of our 'mission statement' and a fitting way to end the Summer.

     Our guests this past week:
South Carolinians

Good friends

Chicago, Chicago......

Wonderful Warren....

Twosome toughness

A loving couple
Activities this week:
Awesome Alice 

3 local parishes
125th UM House Anniversary Archives:
     Our guests and visitors are a daily delight.  You are the reason we treasure our days at the House.  Thank you for sharing part of your lives with us and renewing our energy daily by your presence!
                               Bob & Karen Douds (Hosts)