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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spies, Spies and Spies!!!

The theme for week three was 'American Intelligence' and the place was creeping with double agents.  But on the UM House porch everything was 'above the table' with the Annual Meeting/ Soiree  (The Chautauqua Strummers) taking place.
Business first
Departing Board members
The passing of the gavel

Bob Richards blessing the new gardens.

Dave Doupe and his friend

The new patio 

Singing led by the Strummers and Bob Richards

The Strummers - always stir up the crowd

 The main course
      Our spiritual leader was Rev. Bill Gottschalk-Fielding who stuck with the theme for the week with his Chaplain's Chat topic, 'Spying, Lying and Prying: Christian Vocations?'

Our dancing girls and discussions on Thursday evening 
      Here are some other activities from the past week:
Relaxing on the porch

The Edinboro 18

The week ended with a martini, a PINK MARTINI.