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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Civil War and a Civil Ending!

     After many discussions and portrayals the Civil War was put to rest (we hope).  Slaves (portrayed) discussed the emotional stress of slavery to people and family, while Isabel Wilkerson (author of The Warmth of Other Suns) reminded us of what it was like to be black during the Jim Crow era and the Great Migration north.
Williamsburg portrayers

Isabel Wilkerson
     We were saddened by this historical reference and the ending of another season.  However, the UM House was alive with a very cohesive unit and a dynamic leader.
Chaplain Beth McKee

Saturday meal on the porch
Our 9th Week Gang 
Late night discussions

     The connections made were warm and hopefully lasting.  In addition we experienced great music.
The Beach Boys
and their 'little deuce coup'

Orchard Park Emmanuel tea party team
Harold and Sandra Steiner, Meadville, Pa.
     This couple eloped and was married 46 years ago in our House.

       The view from our porch says the end of the season is at hand.  It has been another great summer.

We await the 124th year of Hospitality at the UM House. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Plethora of Creative People!

      "You can't use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have it," said Maya Angelou.  This week we saw many creative individuals at Chautauqua and the UM House.  Rev. Otis Moss and the Trinity United Church Choir, Amy Jill Levine (Vanderbilt Univ.), Music School Festival Orchestra, the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra, the North Carolina Dance Company and dance students, Diane Ackerman (One Hundred Names for Love), Rev. Paul Womack (Hurlbut Church), Rev. John Miller (UM House Chaplain), Blood, Sweat and Tears and many more talented people.
Otis Moss, the 3rd

Blood Sweat and Tears
"Spinning Wheel"

North Carolina Dance Studio
Our dancers

The Chautauqua Symphony

Diane Ackerman
     At 14 Pratt Avenue the creative genius of Rev. John Miller and Rev. Paul Womack provided us with many thought provoking moments.
John & Diane
Paul on Paul
     Scenes from a very innovative week:
Three Methodist pastors solving the world's problems.

The 'Almost Heaven' contingency
Janet and friends

Evening on the porch

Stone Church Tea Group

Friday, August 12, 2011

UM House bridges the generation gap!

Nick, Helen, Sam and Ben
        This was the week that the youth of America (Nick's favorite word) populated the UM House.  Helen, Nick, Ben and Sam were the center of attention, even though the 'economy' was playing across the street in the Amphitheater.  They participated in Boys and Girls Club, Robotics and Geo Caching as the porch looked on frustrated by the state of the economy but refreshed by the carefree presence of these kids.
Oldest Youth Club in America
An uplifting addition to our yard
Boys, beach and bikes
Nighttime visitor, Audrey

Doug sees 'double'
Monday madness team at Hurlbut
Waiting in the rain for the bus
          Back at the UM House the Chaplain, Wendy Deichmann, Pres. of United Theological Seminary in Dayton and our guests listened to speakers attempt to explain the financial crisis.  With no answers available they watched the youthful exuberance of our kids and wondered why the world worries; the youth of the world will find a way out of the mess we created.
Chaplain Wendy
Juanita sings a gospel hymn
Dewittville dynamos
Buffalo Buddies
     Some other activities from Chautauqua this week:
Orchestra ovation
Al and Val, porch regulars
Cleveland Jazz!!!

Origami by Yamamoto

Clint Black croons
Nick and Judy

     Two generations show how a love fest can take place at Chautauqua and the United Methodist House.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake!! And We Did!

       'Celebration' said Lionel Richie and Chautauqua and the UM House did just that with a week of cake and punch as we celebrated the 137th year of the Institution, the 35th running of the Old First Night Run/Walk, 130 year anniversary of the CLSC and a concentrated study of Iran (Persia before 1935).
Hugh crowds listened to speeches about Iran

Nuclear Negotiators:  Mousavian (Iran) and Burns (US)

Rev. Raphael Warnock,  Ebenezer Baptist 

Dan Brown spoke to us 'in code'

Finalists in piano competition
Our favorite: Magdalena Ondicova (middle) was the winner

The running of the First Night Race
     At the UM House our chaplain, Rev. Betty Ann Buckley, of Alpha Christian TourS led us on a faith 'journey.'  With her mother, Shirley, we celebrated the week with much enthusiasm.
     This was the week of the Chautuaqua Literary and Scientific Circle induction of new members.  It was quite a week of tradition and companionship.

     Here are some other 'icing on the cake' events at the House:
author Martha Hickman's book signing

The Westbury Sunday chariot

The Orchard Park 'tea party'

Karen's birthday at the Missionary House

Janet Fitt's birthday
Is this enough celebrating?

Yes!  Straight no Chaser!

This week was endorsed by the President.