"A year round center for retreats and renewal at Chautauqua Institution offering a positive radiant expression of United Methodist Christianity. Providing for spiritual refreshment, quiet renewal, friendship and fellowship!"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sacred Space: The United Methodist House

     The seventh week at Chautauqua was entitled "Sacred Spaces", emphasizing the connection between physical location and spiritual intensity.  Along with the observations of Ken Burns, the cinematographer, and his bent on the subject, the discussion on the 'porch' was the importance of the UM House as a 'sacred space.'  Our mission statement emphasizes our house as a place of respite and renewal.  Whether one likes the comfortable chairs, the peaceful parlor and chapel or the cookies and cold drink the UM House provides a sanctuary from the 'real world.'
Ken at ampitheater

The quiet Field Memorial Garden
Solitude on the roof
A place for worship
A meeting place
A peaceful parlor
Truly a sacred place
          The week's activities:
Chaplain Rev. Larry Lundgren
Joan and Helen
Westfield Ladies
Abba revisited
Professor Heitzenrater originator of the Wesley secret decoder ring.