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Saturday, August 11, 2012


The Golden Gate of the CLSC
 It was a week of CLSC celebrations.  As the class of 2012 was inducted.  Three guests at our house were part of the excitement; Doug & Patsy Wilson and Jan Eichberg.  Congratulations!!
Also, the Guild of Seven Seals was awarded to Alice Cripe and Bob & Karen Douds.
The Wilsons from Richmond

Jan Eichberg from Buffalo

Our chaplain was Bob Williams from the General Commission of History & Archives of the United Methodist Church.  He and his wife, Renee, brought the excitement of history to our House, as they showed and explained documents relating to Chautauqua's beginnings.
The report of the first meeting at Chautauqua
Bob & Renee Williams
Our other guests:
Liz & Jerry

Jim & Judy
Maurice Williamson & Alice Cripe
Jan, Nancy, Nancy & Denise
Other Week 7 activities:

Saturday Evening Meal
Ambassador Andrew Young
Tea group from Trinity-Amhurst
Our Connection students
More from the fountain of youth
Anna's beautiful voice
Our week was cut short by the death of Karen's father Earle P. Smith of Charleston W. V.
We celebrate his 91 years on this Earth.
We would like to thank Bruce & Barbara Burr, Bob & Renee Williams, Doug & Patsy Wilson, Doug & Celia Thompson and Dave & Cindy Shuff for filling in during this period of bereavement.