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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dramatic Beginning!

     The week began with a 'bang' as a tornado hit Mayville just 2 miles away.  This photo was captured with a phone illustrating just how far the camera industry has come.  It just so happened that the theme for the week was photography and Kodak provided speakers and photos.  Steve Sasson, inventor of the first digital camera spoke about his epoch making discovery.

Steve taking a photo using the 'original.'

Where's Bob? (double click on photo)
     Our chaplain, Rev. Barry Lewis, also arrived with a 'bang' as a  spherical object from the Chautauqua Country Club's fourth hole came crashing through his car window.  However, throughout the remainder of the week his presence was clearly felt with good conversation, thought provoking messages and a musical interlude (The Circuit Rider 5).

     -------------  etc, etc, etc.

Barbara Brown Taylor & Friends

Sacred Jazz
Porch friends

Thanks for a great week.