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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Civil War and a Civil Ending!

     After many discussions and portrayals the Civil War was put to rest (we hope).  Slaves (portrayed) discussed the emotional stress of slavery to people and family, while Isabel Wilkerson (author of The Warmth of Other Suns) reminded us of what it was like to be black during the Jim Crow era and the Great Migration north.
Williamsburg portrayers

Isabel Wilkerson
     We were saddened by this historical reference and the ending of another season.  However, the UM House was alive with a very cohesive unit and a dynamic leader.
Chaplain Beth McKee

Saturday meal on the porch
Our 9th Week Gang 
Late night discussions

     The connections made were warm and hopefully lasting.  In addition we experienced great music.
The Beach Boys
and their 'little deuce coup'

Orchard Park Emmanuel tea party team
Harold and Sandra Steiner, Meadville, Pa.
     This couple eloped and was married 46 years ago in our House.

       The view from our porch says the end of the season is at hand.  It has been another great summer.

We await the 124th year of Hospitality at the UM House.